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Ask for:

what you want

what you need

what you DESERVE

  • Three, 10 minute video trainings | 12 PM CT 

  • Boost your confidence to make big asks via email, online or in person 

  • Find the right words to get your asks out of your head and into the world to make shift happen!

  • Participate online, anywhere!

  • Workbook with tools and conversation starters

  • All inside the Career, Clarity & Confidence FB group

 September 8,9,10 

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GET the confidence you crave to turn your desires into results

By: Kelli Thompson, MBA

leadership coach | speaker | writer

What you want

A raise. A promotion. A better seat at the table. 

What you need.

More freedom. More energy. More time.

What you deserve


*You'll begin receiving free, weekly confidence coaching tips from me, too!

Join Us!

A career you love. A paycheck aligned with your purpose.



SIGN UP via the form on this page and check your email! You'll receive your workbook via email the morning of September 8.


JOIN ME in the Career, Clarity & Confidence Facebook group (link is provided in your confirmation email) every day at 12PM CT on September 8, 9 & 10 for a quick live video training!


BE BRAVE and take on the challenge I issue at the end of each training! Use the tools I teach to make the asks you've been thinking about so you can ENJOY some amazing results!


COME BACK each day and watch for the challenge winner! Even if you don't win the day's prize - I KNOW you will be enjoying the results of all of your asking! Will it be a raise? A better seat at the table? Or, something else you've been dreaming about?


I'm kelli

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Kelli Thompson is a career & leadership coach, keynote speaker, and writer. 


She's on a mission to help women

advance to the rooms where decisions are made.

Or, boost her confidence to trust her intuition

and create her OWN room. 

She is the founder of the Clarity & Confidence Leadership Masterclass program, a nationwide, online leadership development program for women leaders. Her thought leadership is been featured by Thrive Global and Introvert, Dear.


Kelli was awarded the Training Magazine Emerging Training Leader award for her demonstrated leadership in leading and generating strong ROI from her training programs.


She earned her MBA and has served as Adjunct Management Faculty at the University of Nebraska – Omaha.  


She completed intensive coach training by Harvard Ph.D., Martha Beck (aka Oprah’s life coach). She is certified in Reality-Based Leadership, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram (December 2020).

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