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What Are You Wishing For? (and how you can get it)

What's one thing you're wishing for right now at work? Is it better communication? Maybe it's the hope you can continue to work from home a few days per week after the pandemic is over. Maybe, you are wishing your company would be more innovative. It could be many things.

I know when I catch myself wishing, especially when it is work related, I'm hoping for something that I feel is missing. I wish my boss gave me more recognition (when I had a boss:) ). I wish we had a more creative culture. I wish I had _______.

There's no problem with wishing - many of my clients come to me with lots of wishes.

Wishing becomes a problem when it turns into stalling and placing hope that someone else will rise up, come to their senses, or create the solution. Without realizing it, you can find yourself stuck in critic mode instead of stepping into your power to create something new, taking action, or sharing your idea.

When you look around for leadership and don’t see it, you are called to do it. ~Susan Hyatt, author & coach

Where can you turn your wishes into action today? How could YOU (yes, you!) be the perfect person to create exactly what's missing?

How can you use your skills to improve communication?

How can you start a new program at work to solve a problem?

Who can you call or email today to begin making your wish a reality?

Yes, you can grant your own wishes. You do not need to manage people to be a leader.

In fact, look around in our society today and find someone you admire who has made huge impact in your world. What qualities do you admire about them? How can you emulate some of those qualities and step into YOUR leadership capacity today?

Somebody is counting on your unique calling.

What are three small steps you can take to use your special brand of leadership today to make an impact?


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