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What would you do if you had a little more confidence?

I’ve asked almost 500 women this question in preparation for this book.
Here are some of their answers:

Take the next step in my career.

    Speak my truth and my ideas, without worrying what others think.

   Take more leading roles.

    Stand up for myself.

    Take more risks and stop feeling like a fraud.

    Be fearless and stop second-guessing my abilities.

    Find a job that’s a better fit for my talents.

   Ask for a raise.

   Run for office.

Doubt and imposter feelings are a big reason I see women holding back and playing small. Couple this with the systemic issues like the gender pay gap, the likeability gap, the leadership development gender gap, burnout, turnover, and systemic gender equity issues that plague women in the workplace today, it’s no wonder that so many women are undervaluing themselves and their abilities.

These doubtful thoughts and systemic issues are expensive - they cost women, and their organizations, in their peace, their potential, and in their paychecks.

To close the confidence gap and see more women showing up in their full potential at work, we need more women leaders at the top of organizations.

This book will show you how to advance with confidence, despite the systemic issues that women face every day at work. You'll hear deeply personal stories and walk away with practical tools to show you how to claim your role as a confident leader.

It’s time to own who you are, trust yourself, and take your bravest next step.

Somebody is counting on your unique calling.