director of marketing

I joined this program to gain confidence in my role as a leader. I learned how to better manage my time to be an effective coach for my team, discovered where I had strengths and opportunities with my leadership style and how to turn those opportunities into strengths.


Kelli has helped me realize what I am passionate about within my role and how to still be confident in uncomfortable situations.


career development manager

This Masterclass came at just the right time. I was enrolled in this class as a career development opportunity from my manager. Little did I know that I would find myself to be uncomfortable enough to recognize it was me who had the power to change my perspective.  It’s not always about me when I reflect on the outcome of certain interactions or events with others.  This insight will allow me to be a more influential leader.


Kelli has a direct approach, with a gentle nudge that allows the learner to reflect inwardly for a more productive outward result. I am grateful to Kelli for guiding me and coaching me to be a better co-worker, employee and leader.


marketing manager

I called upon Kelli at a time where so much change in my career in the last 5 years had me feeling negative and unenthusiastic about my overall career outlook. I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. 


The best part of working with Kelli was tackling the “Unique Genius” exercise where I got very clear on what unique strengths I bring to the table and what my values are.  Through that exercise I realized that the places I was looking to build my career weren’t aligned to my true self. 


I took my values and my strengths, wrote them down in big, bold type and carried them around to every interview I went to never once apologizing for who I truly am.


By doing that I was able to find a new leadership role with a company, leader and culture in a new industry that aligns to every single one of my strengths and values. 


Thank you, Kelli, for helping me identify all the things that make me unique and preparing me for a bright future. 



"It has helped me tremendously in figuring out the unique attributes I bring to the table in my career and also has helped me to identify my values which has helped in identifying the type of company and culture I want to be a part of."


Thank you, thank you SO much!! Been so wonderful, eye opening and freeing!


"It helped clarify what I want. I liked how the weeks built on each other. [The] unique genius helped me in articulating what I want and what value I bring to a role."

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