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Can your clothes boost your confidence?

Are you hiding or thriving in your clothes? This year, I took a challenge by Susan Hyatt to quiet my lingering body image issues from all my years of dieting. One homework assignment she gave was to “Marie Kondo” my closet and take out anything that didn’t make me feel bright, confident and happy. (See my sad pile of gray and beige in the pic). And this - One of my clients bought a new outfit for an interview because it made her feel “amazing.” After the interview, she said she left feeling underwhelmed and questioning if the role was for her. She said, “Maybe that outfit was a waste of money.” To which I responded, “Maybe those clothes showed you that your career should match how you feel at your best - lovely, amazing, confident, etc.” Bottom line: Every day we get the opportunity to choose how we want to feel. And, we act based on how we feel. When you look at your closet, are you inspired? Or, feeling meh? It’s time to stop tolerating the lie you have to be a size 2 to walk in beauty, awe, and confidence (you can watch Lizzo’s MTV Awards performance for homework on that one!) Journal / Reflection Prompt

Audit your closet. Do your clothes help or hinder you? Like me, did you buy them to mostly “hide” you? Do they make you feel like the beautiful, smart, loving and empowered woman you were created to be? If not, choose three new items that do.

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