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Thanks for Keeping Me Waiting

Just like a long and winding drive, much of our life will be spent waiting. Waiting in line. Waiting on decisions. Waiting on our boss. Waiting for a spouse. Waiting on God. Our whole life is one big wait for eternity. And a test of our character is how we wait in our small blip of eternity - can we wait well?

You might be sitting at your Thanksgiving table with yourself, or with 20 people. No matter how many people surround you, you might feel too alone, too overwhelmed, too frustrated, too ill to think of anything to feel grateful for. Maybe you’re waiting on a blessing, and it’s excruciatingly long overdue.

Friends, waiting through a difficult trial or a series of disappointments in life isn’t always a test of patience. God often uses a long wait to REVEAL His divine direction to our hearts and minds. It’s revealing to recognize that in my trials of waiting how often I offer meaningless sacrifices ( Isaiah 1:13 ) and empty prayers in an attempt to speed toward an (imagined) finish line. The a-ha moment, albeit painful, usually reveals that I am not WILLING to commit my heart to God and set aside things I believe I need (right now!!), which are getting in the way of God’s plans and promises.

So, I’m left to keep wandering and waiting.

But God doesn’t want my half-hearted sacrifices in an attempt to end my trial, my wait. He wants what is most precious - my heart. My commitment. The thing I prize the most above Him, for my heart cannot serve two masters. ( Matthew 6:24 ).

Practically, that means courageously making a choice to pursue new jobs or relationships. Giving more money than I felt comfortable with to the church and charity. Giving up my weekend time to serve. ( Isaiah 1:17 NIV)

Ending my schemes and hacks to make way for His plan.

A prayer for the wait God, thanks for keeping me waiting and help me use your waits and trials (my disappointments) to reveal great and hidden guidance to your Divine Direction. Give me the courage to offer you my whole heart and whole commitment - the offering you truly seek - to get me out of my own way so You can work your miracles.

Practical Spirit 1. If God isn’t testing your patience, what could He be trying to reveal to you? 2. What “shoulds” do you need to let go of? 3. What do you think your “finish line” will get you? Is it to make other people happy? Or to pursue your calling? 4. God is not the author of chaos. What courageous steps do you need to choose today to gain the peace only God can give?

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