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You Are The CEO Of Your Career

When I was leading teams in Corporate America, I held regular 1-1 meetings with each team member. Before their check in, I asked them to complete their 1-1 agenda and email it to me. 

Why? Because I wanted them to recognize that THEY are in the driver's seat in their career. I didn't want them to come to our meetings and let me drive the narrative. It was their opportunity to set the agenda - to ask for what they needed.

Are you handing over the keys to your career to someone else? It can be tempting to follow the lead or recommendations from people we admire or that are more experienced than we are.

Consider this, what would change if you claimed yourself as the Founder and CEO of your career? Ask yourself the following:

As the CEO, what is your 1-3 year career strategy? 

     Where do you need to invest time, money or resources? 

     What do you need to quit what no longer serves you?

     Do you have the right people to help you accomplish this?

You are more than qualified to create the career you want and steer it in any direction you choose.

What CEO decision will you make for your career today?


Want to lead at the next level or make a brave career change? Check out my coaching programs!

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