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My Best Tips To Ask For A Raise or Promotion

One of the conversations that comes up frequently with my clients is, “How do I ask for a raise? Or this promotion?” It seems so simple, yet, the asking part can be so hard to do! Why? There are so many messages we've been taught as women about asking, and these tend to rear their ugly head when it comes time to ask for a raise or promotion. I often hear expensive thoughts like:

  • I should just be grateful for what I have.

  • If I ask, I'll look pushy or demanding.

  • Shouldn't they just know? Why do I have to ask?

  • It's selfish to put myself first here when others have more pressing needs.

Your thoughts are not facts, and expensive thoughts like these cost you your peace, your potential and your paycheck.

In fact, just in the last week alone, I've helped two clients negotiate job and promotion offers for $5,000 over the initial offer! It doesn't mean they didn't have one of these hesitant thoughts about asking, it means they chose not to believe the thought and asked for what they deserved. In both cases, these highly qualified women are completely worth it.

Here are three free resources for you to help you craft your ask:

  1. Watch my recent Facebook video: How To Ask For A Raise

  2. Read my latest article from Lattice: How To Ask for A Promotion When You're In HR(perfect for non-HR folks, too!)

  3. Join my free Amplified Training series: We can craft and practice your ask live and get my feedback!

Spoiler alert: As a former HR director, I can tell you that we expect you to negotiate - so don't let us down! :)

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