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New Year, New... Quits!

Happy New Year! I hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays. Our holidays were celebrated a bit late as we just held our family Christmas this past weekend in Bozeman, Montana. (My parents and siblings live there.) We got to enjoy all the winter activities - hiking, snow skiing and ice skating! 


Coming back into the first full working week of the new year, one thing I am NOT focusing on is a long list of resolutions I need to remember to uphold. I stopped setting New Year's resolutions about eight years ago. Honestly, they just felt so stressful and forced, and most of my resolutions were unsustainable health and fitness goals. 


Instead, I've focused on choosing a word or theme for the year. Why? Choosing a word or theme for the year serves as a True North, it helps me consider if my actions are moving me closer to the type of person I want to become. Because it's flexible and intentional, I can keep moving forward even as life changes.


My word of the year for 2024: MISSION.

I want to intentionally align myself and pursue collaboration opportunities with people and companies who share my mission of helping women advance to the rooms where decisions are made (like collaborating for Women's History Month). 


Words and themes have allowed me to say no to what no longer serves me. If you've followed me long enough or read my book, you will hear me frequently say that saying no can build just as much confidence as saying yes to something new.


New year, new… quits. 

All with an intention to move closer to the leader, mom, partner I want to become, I will focus on taking intentional, aligned action and quit what doesn't serve that. How will I know what to quit? By saying no to what doesn't align to my values and intentions or the missions I am working towards in 2024. There are questions you can ask yourself below to help with this!


🔥 Do you have a word or theme for the year? Reply and let me know what it is or tag me on social media! Also, begin thinking about how “more quits” this year will help you accomplish more of what truly matters to you. 

Me, officially quitting ice hockey after falling while simply standing on the ice :)


How can you make more intentional quits in 2024 and do it in a way that honors your values, builds your confidence and helps you accomplish more meaningful activities? Try taking an alignment check to help you discern what matters and what doesn't.  


Ask yourself:


1. What choices move me closer to the type of partner, friend, leader, etc., I want to become? 

  • A yes choice and its results or consequences?

  • A no choice and its results or consequences?

2. When I think about saying yes to a request or opportunity, does it surge my energy? 

  • If yes, keep moving forward

  • If it drains your energy, slow down to get curious or say no / set a boundary

3. Does saying yes to this opportunity allow me to use my best skills and talents? 

  • If no, then say no or see how you can dump, delegate or outsource it

4. Is this opportunity, group or person aligned with my values?

  • If yes, take a small brave step

  • If not, this could be a good time to say no

One of my favorite quotes about quitting came during an interview I held with Arianna Huffington. She says, “You can complete something by dropping it.” 


Here's to an amazing 2024!

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