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Somebody Is Counting On Your Unique Calling

During Joe Biden's Inauguration Ceremony, Amanda Gorman blew us away in six minutes with her “the hill we climb” inauguration poem.

I was struck by the presence and eloquence of this stunning 22-year old. Were you?

At age 22, I am quite certain that I had the presence of Bernie Sanders in his mittens.

But, life wasn’t always so smooth and eloquent for Amanda. Most of her young life, she worked with a speech therapist to help her with an auditory disorder and to correctly.

Because of her struggle to speak fluently, she discovered writing and poetry as a way to “get her voice on a page.” She discovered herself as a confident and self-assured person when she put her words to paper.

And now, she is the youngest poet laureate in U.S. history. She wowed us at the inauguration. Her forthcoming book became an instant best seller.

What impact does this have for you? It might be tempting to hide and play small because you feel like you have a big “flaw.” Maybe it’s a disability, a personality quirk, your education, your personal history - something.

Consider this. What if your obstacle is actually an opportunity in disguise? What power has this obstacle given you?

I had a client who struggled with dyslexia as a child. And because of that, they learned to solve problems and see patterns that no one else could (and is highly valuable to their organization because of it).

Somebody is counting on your unique calling.

What unique gifts do you have (no matter how you acquired them) that could create a transformation for someone or something?


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