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Magnolia Magic: 3 Things Your Money Can't Buy

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

A tradition my daughter and I started, in lieu of throwing her a birthday party and giving presents, filled us with awe from Waco, Texas. We’ve long loved the show Fixer Upper, not only for it’s stunning designs and transformations, but mostly because we admire the relationship that Chip and Joanna share (if you haven’t read their book, The Magnolia Story, I highly recommend it – even my husband loved it).

You may also be dreaming of a trip to the Magnolia Market and Magnolia Table because you simply adore the design and the brand. And you'll be delighted because every single shelf is perfectly adorned with farmhouse inspired home décor, charmingly tiny notebooks and perfectly placed vases. Even the clever one-liners that Chip loves to drop in front of the camera can be rustically framed on your wall.

The Magnolia Table restaurant and Magnolia Market at the Silos are visibly impeccable, complete with heavenly smells, but during our return road trip, my daughter and I chattered mostly about the things we'd bring home, but didn't buy:

The Aura. Have you ever walked into a room and felt at peace? Greeted with such warmth and kindness that there was no doubt you were totally home? At the Magnolia Table, the wait to eat on a Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. was nearly one hour, but it went fast. They directed us to the side take-away counter, which also featured a gift shop. A covered patio next to a coffee bar provided shade while you wait. The photo opportunities are endless.

At the Magnolia Market, the bakery line was long and the Market filled with bodies, yet the intrigue was palpable. Even amidst the swarm of a Texas and body heat wave, hopeful eyes were intently focused on the displays, yearning for that one special piece that would create that same aura of happiness and peace and in their home.

The Love. Everything was constantly being cleaned, restocked and retouched. We ordered the Magnolia burger and salad – to which you can’t even compare to your typical restaurant burger. Every sandwich and salad topping was artfully sliced and carefully considered. Many times I thought, “this was surely in a garden yesterday.”

At the Magnolia Market, it’s obvious the silos have been restored to create a sense of community. The various Magnolia buildings form a square with a commons area built for live events and music. Every detail is loving considered to fuse family and function - just imagine a presence that pulls you into community, when so many attractions pass you through anonymously.

The Team. Walking up to Magnolia Table to get our names on the reservation list felt like we were at a family reunion. Every team member on staff, and there is an abundance of them, greeted you and asked you where you were from. The true test of a kind and patient heart is how we work with others when demands overwhelm us. And in-demand they were, yet constantly filled with patience and gratitude.

The true test of a kind and patient heart is how we treat others when demands overwhelm us.

Make the most of your trip – go during the week if you can. We were lucky to experience it on a Wednesday. One of my favorite lines from The Magnolia Story book, is Joanna describing her and Chip’s relationship as one that “doesn’t just survive together, it thrives together.” Love, aura and team – definitely our “freebies” to bring home to thrive together. ----

Practical Spirit How can you use life's challenging moments to thrive, instead of just survive? How could it be working for your greater good? When you feel overwhelmed with demands, how do you practice patience?

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