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What You Focus On Determines What You Miss

One of my clients was having one of those no good, very bad, horrible days. Nothing she had planned for the day - or even the next few weeks - was going to get done because of an explosion of unexpected events at work, including an impending management change and employee resignations. 

I don't know about you, but it feels like this has been the theme for 2020. Just when you think you might be hitting your stride, the other shoe drops. If you're like me, you might throw an all out pity party because your inner control freak isn't getting her way. 

This week, I heard the most wonderful phrase this week from author Brian McLaren.

What you focus on determines what you miss.

This one hit me right away. How often am I so busy focused on everything that's not going to my plan, chaos, mistakes, bad energy - that I am missing all of the gifts in the moment? In my client's case, it's easy to focus on the management change and unexpected resignations (and the dramatic energy that goes along with those events) and completely miss the opportunities that those changes provided her.

Today, take note of things that aren't going your way. How could focusing on the negative be keeping you from missing the opportunities in the moment to learn, advance an idea, or connect with others in a new way?

How could this moment be happening FOR you, not TO you?


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