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Why Your "Flaws" Are Your Best Leadership Gift

In the 1960's my great grandma bought this bus so she could pick up and house a seasonal harvest crew for our ranch in Southwest Nebraska. Over 50 years later, it's still quite the sight. While this might seem like “so what?!” these days, remember that in the 1960s, many women were homemakers. She ran this farm before women could get a bank loan without their spouse to co-sign. She had to buy this bus WITH CASH because she was a widow. She frequently negotiated with farm suppliers down to the penny to keep her cash flow healthy. When workers saw her walk into their store, they immediately grabbed the manager. With her direct and assertive style, I have no doubt that people called her shrewed, bossy, a b*tch. But, BECAUSE she was direct and assertive, she created a legacy for her family and her farm fed hungry families. So, what if your personality "flaw" is your greatest gift? What have you been called and how can you use it for good like she did? First, what if all the qualities you’ve been scared to demonstrate are exactly what you need to be successful? Try this reframe. Because I am _________ , I am able to_________. ▫️Because I am sensitive, I can read the needs of our team. ▫️Because I am assertive, I tackle hard challenges most people shy away from. ▫️Because I am direct, I am clear in communicating needs. Second, remember that anyone can be a great leader if they own what makes them amazing and use it in a healthy way to create change, positively impact others and get results that matter. A key part of growing yourself, and your team, is leading with your unique approach while also aligning your approach with your values. You can be: ▫️Direct and genuine. ▫️Sensitive and courageous. ▫️Assertive and loving. ▫️Bold and respectful. ▫️Emotional and balanced. Are you part of a leadership development program that helps you cultivate your unique gifts, or are you spending your energy working to be more like your CEO, boss, or admired colleague? What would serve you best in the long run for your health, happiness and success? 🔥 When you spend your energy trying to show up like someone else you lose the power that makes you - YOU.

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