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Zoom fatigue is real, especially for women. 3 Tips to manage it.

I didn't think it would happen to me, but it did.

The last few weeks, I have been on more Zoom calls than ever. This is great news, because I'm talking with amazing women all day long about leading with more clarity and confidence and creating careers they love. I LOVE my job and my clients!

Then, as I sat down to plan my free June webinar, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was tired. My eyes hurt and I felt foggy. Beyond being 110% present for my clients every day, I couldn't bring myself to create an extra Zoom meeting, even one I was leading.

I've heard about Zoom fatigue, and now nearing the end of the pandemic, this is the first time I've truly felt it. I wondered if I was the only person feeling this way, so I took to social media and asked my audience. Turns out, they reported their level of Zoom fatigue as medium-high, too!

In fact, researchers have reported that women experience higher levels of Zoom fatigue than men.

As the work environment shifts yet again as employers make return to office plans (have you voiced your desires yet?), I know this will evolve, but here's some things I'm doing to avoid screen burnout and keep a healthy level of video interaction. 1. Be more selective about my Zoom attendance. This includes saying no to some free webinars I attend for learning or even attending with camera off. Even better, replaying as audio only. 2. Find other mediums to communicate. I've been doing more blogging and podcasting recently, including articles on my own website, Working Mother, IndigoBlue, and more coming this summer on various platforms!

Many of my clients are returning to good old phone calls and even beginning to meet up in person.

3. Starting prep for new ways of gathering. My mind WAS BLOWN this week listening to Priya Parker talk about the new world of work gathering in her podcast with Brene Brown. Don't miss this episode - SO many great tips to influence meetings at work.

🔥 Have you felt Zoom fatigue? How have you managed it?

In case you missed it: Click here to watch my Facebook live about combating Zoom Fatigue, having courageous return to office conversations, and what I mean by “poop soup” :)

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