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Don't Self-Reject.

One of my clients recently applied for a new leadership role, and after four rounds of interviews, got the job offer. Woo hoo!

But, here's the thing. She almost didn't apply for the job. She was holding back and talking herself out of it because she didn't believe she was qualified.

Here's what she learned after those four rigorous interviews:

  1. Not only was she qualified, but she was their top candidate

  2. She became courageous enough to voice her wants and needs

  3. She gained confidence in her skills and now feels a boost of confidence that she can get future offers in the roles of her choice

  4. She learned how much she is valued, not only at the employer she was leaving, but also through the new company's offer

Oh, and enjoying a significant salary increase isn't too bad either.

Ladies, don't turn yourself down for opportunities before they can even become a reality. Impostor syndrome, the feeling you're not qualified or will be “found out” as a fraud is real - over 70% of people will experience it.

You can also choose to feel the impostor syndrome, not believe it, and act on your desires anyhow.

I'm on a mission to help women advance to the rooms where decisions are made. Yes, it requires allying from men in our organizations, but it also requires us not to self-reject.

When we turn ourselves down before we even apply for the role, ask for what we want, or speak our true voice, we hold ourselves back from our full potential, a bigger paycheck, and the change to make impact in the world.

You are often more qualified, more ready, and more capable than you give yourself credit for.

What opportunity will you stop hesitating on and go all in for today?


What to step into your power and find your voice? Watch my free training: Amplified - The Five Day Boost To Find Your Voice.

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