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How a woman with a camera changed history

Are you reading this on your phone right now? If not, when's the last time you took a picture of your life and shared it to social media? What about other people's lives or social movements - have you ever shared a cause you were passionate about with a photo?

There's a woman in history you can thank for this practice who you may have never heard of - Jessie Tarbox Beals. She is considered the first female photojournalist.

Why is this important to us today? Her photography work called attention to social problems. She showed how things "really were" for women and minorities in the world and made it public.

What were the results? Her images brought light to women's realities and thus, improved women's working conditions. She was critical to the women's suffrage movement by documenting polling places with all men.

She documented labor and delivery nurses, improving birth conditions and access to birth control.

Beals’s work in photojournalism elevated images of women into the public eye in an era that often dismissed women’s role in most public arenas — demanding that women be both seen and heard.

💥 How can you honor Women's History Month and channel your inner Jessie Tarbox Beals today by championing women's advancement - simply by sharing an image from your iPhone or social media feed?

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